Family Child Care Home Grants

The Need:

As for-profit businesses, Family Child Care Homes are rarely supported by grants that benefit other child care providers. LaGrange and Noble Counties currently have four licensed Family Child Care Homes, and need of many more.

Nearly 2,000 children ages 0-5 in Noble County, and more than 900 in LaGrange County are without full-time child care. Increasing the number of Licensed Child Care Homes will help fill that gap, and get work-willing parents back into the hundreds of vacant jobs locally. A home child care can serve 12-16 children, depending on licensing level. Homes increase the capacity of child care seats available to parents, but they also allow parents to have a choice as to what type of care their children receive. Many families prefer home care settings to ministry or center-based facilities.


The Solution:
In order to encourage more qualified child care professionals to open Licensed Family Child Care Homes, it’s important that they are supported with funding opportunities. The Community Foundation of Noble County and the LaGrange County Community Foundation, through the Thrive by 5 initiative, are taking that step by awarding licensing funding grants to family child care homes that are working toward becoming licensed or increasing their licensing level. While the home providers that will be receiving the benefit are likely to be for-profit businesses, the purpose is charitable since there is such a need for quality child care and early learning opportunities in LaGrange and Noble Counties. In order to help bridge the current gap in available capacity, these grants are critical to developing a strong child care infrastructure.

These grants are limited to $1,000 per provider, and are available to up to 5 providers with the current funding levels.

Grants can be used for:

  • home repairs/renovations required to become licensed or increase licensing levels (includes, but is not limited to, adding a fence, creating a second exit from the home, etc.)

  • Equipment required for licensing (includes, but is not limited to, cots, cribs, etc.)

  • Educational curriculum to enhance children’s learning experiences (includes, but not limited to, indoor and outdoor play equipment, curriculum materials, age-appropriate toys, etc.)

  • Educational expenses for the child care provider for continuous education (includes, but is not limited to, conferences registration fees, tuition, etc.)

  • Other expenses deemed appropriate for charitable purposes.


  • Family child care home providers will apply for funds through the Community Foundation of Noble County or the LaGrange County Community Foundation. They will be required to report licensing status, cost estimates for work and contact information for the company performing the work or providing services.

  • Grants of up to $1,000 are available per provider.

  • Grant funds will be paid directly to the company or service provider hired by the family child care home owner to complete the work or provide materials/training.

  • Family child care home providers will be required to achieve licensing status within 6 months of the grant award. If this is not accomplished, they will be required to reimburse the Community Foundation for the grant amount.

  • Family child care home providers who close their business within one year of achieving licensing status will be required to reimburse the Community Foundation for the grant amount.

Noble County

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LaGrange County

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