The Noble County Commissioners have committed $50,000 in 2023 County Economic Development Income Tax (CEDIT) revenue to fund the pilot year of this program. The pilot is important for all of Northeast Indiana, as its success will build a case to support a Tri-Share program in the future that could be funded by the state.

Through this program, child care costs for qualifying families will be split in thirds. One-third of the cost will be paid by the family, immediately cutting their costs by 66%, one-third will be covered through the county contribution, and the final one-third will be paid through a parent’s employer who has opted in to the program.

Here is our WHY…

In a family of 5 in Noble County, both parents work full time and three children are in child care. The parents aren’t happy with their child care, but it’s all that was available for them. They also pay a total of $1200 each month for child care…more than their mortgage. They want to be able to give their children experiences. Hiking, fishing, traveling, zoos, museums, and more. But quality outdoor activities aren’t in their budget. There is no extra money to spare. With the Tri-Share Program, they would have an additional $800 each month to save or spend on quality family experiences.

Two young parents, just starting out in their careers, think they have child care taken care of. A nearby family member has committed to the care of their infant son – free! That worked great for awhile, until that child became more mobile and energetic. That’s when the family member simply couldn’t keep up any more. The suddenly found themselves in desperate need for child care. They were lucky – there was a spot open in a high quality facility. But they weren’t prepared for the cost. To be able to free up enough funds monthly to pay for child care, they had to refinance their house and their car. 

These are true stories from right here in Noble County. Families are struggling, the economy is shaky, and we can work to strengthen it all through the Tri-Share Program.

Details regarding the participation and guidelines for each group can be found at the full Tri-Share Policy document.

Family Information & Application

Families can qualify even if they earn up to $90,000 annually…that’s 300% of the Federal Poverty Level. Here’s a chart that shows income qualifications based on family size…

Employer Information

For questions, please contact Thrive by 5 Early Childhood Coalition Coordinator Jenna Anderson at, or 260-445-3369.