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Thrive by 5 serving LaGrange & Noble Counties

Our Early Childhood Coalition is dedicated to helping the community thrive 
by increasing the capacity, affordability, and quality of child care in  LaGrange and Noble Counties

Thrive by 5 Believes…

are valuable for who they
are right now, and deserve quality early learning experiences
that will help them develop skills
to be successful in school and throughout their lives.

who have the opportunity
to choose quality care providers
for their children will have the support they need in the development of their child, and the comfort to be able to pursue their own path in work and in society.

Child Care Providers
are professionals who have
the incredible job of being a brain builder during the most important developmental stage of a child’s life. It’s work that truly makes a difference for a child’s future, and there is so much joy in that.

who prioritize early learning
by investing in parents,
advocating for quality,
and being involved in their community will see a return in a more engaged workforce now, and a better prepared workforce in the future.

When children have what they need for brain development, parents are supported, child care professionals are valued, 
and employers are invested in early learning, the entire community will thrive.

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