Cole YMCA Preschool - Kendallville

700 Garden St., Kendallville, IN  46755

Program Type: Preschool (Ages 3-5)

Program Regulation: N/A

3’s Tuesday/Thursday 8:15-10:15, 9:30-11:30, 10:30-12:30
4’s M/W/F 9:30-11:30; T/W/T 12:30-3 5’s; T/W/T 12:15-2:45

Accepts CCDF?: No

Accepts On My Way Pre-K?: No

Paths to Quality Level: N/A

Daily Schedule: Children move throughout several different areas. Those include: small motor, large motor, craft, snack, circle time.

Program Philosophy: Your children are as precious today as the day they were born. So your preschool choice is important. We believe that the preschool years are important in the development of a child and that it is in these years a child’s attitude about himself, others, and the world in which he lives are formed. We further believe that the preschool setting can provide a secure place for each child to develop his potential, have successes, be responsible, develop a joy for learning, and share with others. We feel this setting must be one of acceptance and love.

Curriculum Type: The following list of goals is the basic outline for our curriculum and is taken in consideration when planning our curriculum. We hope that parents will join us in achieving these goals during this school year.
1. To encourage a positive self-image and foster self-confidence.
2. To help learn self-discipline-being responsible for myself and my actions.
3. To create a positive attitude toward learning by offering a positive learning environment.
4. To learn how to get along with other children, share and take turns.
5. To develop coordination of large and small muscles.
6. To gain fundamental knowledge of colors, shapes, numbers, address, telephone number, letters, etc. (age appropriate)
7. To encourage children in creative and imaginative expression.
8. To help children express ideas through art, music, and language.
9. To be able to leave parents for a short period of time.

Student/Teacher Ratios: We meet state standards.

Number of employees (including teachers and support staff): 10

Parents Provide: N/A

Meals Provided: We are asking each parent to provide a nutritious snack at a scheduled time. Snacks must be store purchased (not homemade) and individually wrapped (not prepared at home). Some ideas are: carrot sticks, crackers, pretzels, granola bars, cheese, popcorn, fruit, trail mix. Each individual snack serving will not be more that 8 grams of sugar. The National YMCA guidelines allow for fresh fruit regardless of the sugar gram count. This is considered a natural sugar. The children will be served water as a drink with their snack. This is a National YMCA policy for healthy living (HEPA: Healthy Eating Physical Activity). Watch the monthly calendar for your child’s assigned snack week.

Tell us about your program: The Kendallville YMCA Preschool is a program that has been longstanding in our community. For over 40 years we have provided our earliest learners with an engaging start to their educational journeys. Throughout the years our program strives to meet the needs of the children we serve though various educational approaches.

Special Program Features: N/A

For more information, contact director Lisa Walter.
Phone: 260-347-9622