Cole YMCA Nature Preschool - Wolf Lake

1283 S Main St. Wolf Lake, IN 46796

Program Type: Preschool

Program Regulation: N/A

Hours: Monday – Thursday, 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Accepts CCDF?: No

Accepts On My Way Pre-K?: No

Paths to Quality Level: N/A

Daily Schedule: 8:30 a.m. to Noon – Indoor Classroom at Central Noble Primary; Noon to 2:30 p.m. – Outdoor Classroom at Merry Lea Environmental Center.

Program Philosophy:
We believe the natural environment provides irresistible invitations for children to engage, learn, and grow. – An outdoor setting naturally provides rich opportunity for variety, movement, and creativity. (Seasonal changes, myriad materials, etc.) – Extended time spent in nature leads to ownership, care, stewardship of the earth and of living things. ● We believe children are engaged and competent learners. – Children can direct their own learning, allowing curiosity to guide their growth. When children are allowed to engage in ways that they are most interested in, the quality of their learning will be richer and deeper. – Young children learn best through play and exploration. – Excellent program design allows children to grow socially, physically, emotionally, and cognitively. ● We believe the role of the Educator is to guide and facilitate, supporting student’s own learning. – Adults are positioned as co-discoverers with children, modeling inquiry as an avenue towards discovery. – The child-adult relationship is built on respect and care. ● We believe in purposeful program design as a powerful tool to allow the whole child to flourish. – Our program is informed by research and best practices. – Offering children choice allows them to have ownership over their learning and increases motivation. – Offering children a variety of learning tools helps them learn in a way that is best for their individual development. – We believe that movement enhances learning.

Curriculum Type: Our curriculum is based upon educational principles and the developmental needs of children. Incorporate Choice. Providing age-appropriate choice meets the developmental needs of children and foster your child’s sense of responsibility and independence. Respect Order, ritual and routine. Maintaining order, creating special moments during the day and providing routine in the classroom promotes learning, removes distractions and helps build concentration which allows children to learn. Additionally, when children help to maintain order, take part in special moments with their peers and follow classroom routines, children learn to be part of a community and see how their actions impact others. Present Variety. Students need more than one way to learn and practice skills. We provided children with many ways to discover, explore and use their developing skills. Promote Meaningful movement. Connecting movement to learning enhances the ability to learn math and language skills. Make Learning its own reward. Children have an innate desire for learning. When children are allowed to feel good about their own learning without outside incentives, learning is more meaningful. Move from Simple to Complex. When we begin by introducing simple concepts and add more detail and complexity over time, students maintain their motivation to learn more and are able process higher-level ideas. Ensure better Outcomes. When a teacher does not provide enough information or support for a child, the child does not know what to do. Conversely, when a teacher provides a child with too much information they pass on their own learning and stifle the child’s learning.

Student/Teacher Ratios: We meet state standards.

Number of employees (including teachers and support staff): 4

Parents Provide: Winter weather gear

Meals Provided: Lunch is provided through Central Noble Schools.

Tell us about your program: This Nature-based preschool is a one of a kind experience for the children in our community. It is a collaboration between Cole Center Family YMCA and the Merry Lea Environmental Center. Combining our individual expertise we bring a high quality program to our families.

Special Program Features: bloom! and nature-based

For more information, contact Lisa Walter.
Phone: 260-347-9622