Children Need Meaningful Connections to Thrive

We believe every child can thrive by 5…in fact, it’s in our name! But don’t take our word for it. Here’s a pretty incredible seven-year-old to tell you how to make it happen.

One of the things Molly said really resonated with us…

Kids are hard-wired to seek out meaningful connections.

The Developmental Assets® Framework created by the Search Institute has identified 40 positive supports and strengths that young people need to succeed. Many of them focus specifically on supportive relationships. The Search Institute believes children need to be surrounded by people who love, care for, appreciate, and accept them.

  • Family support—Family life provides high levels of love and support.
  • Positive family communication—Young person and their parent(s) communicate positively, and young person is willing to seek parent(s) advice and counsel.
  • Other adult relationships—Young person receives support from three or more nonparent adults.
  • Caring neighborhood—Young person experiences caring neighbors.
  • Caring school climate—School provides a caring, encouraging environment.
  • Parent involvement in schooling—Parent(s) are actively involved in helping young person succeed in school.

According to the Search Institute, those developmental relationships need to do five things:

  1. Express Care
  2. Challenge Growth
  3. Provide Support
  4. Share Power
  5. Expand Possibilities

These five things aren’t hard to do…and in fact are often done every day without even thinking of it. Simply listening to your child – putting down your device and listening when you are together – can show you care. To challenge growth, let your kids try new things. They can do more than you think they can! They can help you with dishes, fold laundry, join in cooking or baking, and will love every minute of it. Support them by giving them a hand if they try to do too much and standing up for them when it’s needed. Share your power by working with children to solve problems and let them have a say in decisions that affect them. Simply by introducing them to new people and experiences, you can expand their possibilities.

You’re there for your children, and Noble Thrive by 5 is here for you. We can connect you with local resources to give your family a bright future. Visit us online at